Your Loan Options

In life, stuff happens; stuff like flat tires, sick animals, broken windows or just making the bills. These issues are often times unavoidable and inconvenient when you don’t have extra cash. Fortunately, most of these problems can be resolved with a quick loan. When deciding to get a loan in the twenty-first century, you have quite a few choices. As you may have seen, there are multiple websites and brick and mortar locations advertising loans with great interest rates. But how do you choose where to go?

Online Loans

Most people find it most convenient to go online and apply for a loan from the comfort of their home or office. Although seemingly convenient, online loans are dangerous when it comes to identity theft and hidden charges. Many online loan companies will use your credit information with other third party loan firms without your knowledge. A survey was taken and found the following results “almost 40 percent said their personal information was sold to a third party without their knowledge. Nearly one-third had an unauthorized withdrawal from their account.”(Ladika. 2015)

One women claimed that a debit collector was going to call the local sheriff office if she did not pay off her loan that day.  Jay Speer, executive director of the Virginia Poverty Law Center, says the “absolutely the worst thing you can do is apply for an online payday loan.” (Ladika.2015) So, what other choices do you have for quick and easy loans?

Collateral Loans at Brick & Mortar Stores

There are other options when it comes to getting loans. Your basic brick and mortar locations can be a lot more satisfying than you think. You will not need to worry about a third party company using your information and charging you. When going into a physical location to get a  loan, the process is safer, you do not need to check if the “URL” is secure or if you are clicking on the right contract. When getting a loan at a brick and mortar location you can see and hold the actual contract and can have the loaner explain the any confusing terms or conditions. Next time you need a loan for whatever reason, consider your local pawn shop. Pawn shops often can get you a loan within 15 minutes. Your loan will be backed by your items of value, or collateral, so no credit check is required! 

Located in the Cleveland area? Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop wants to help you out in a financial crisis and give YOU a loan on your items of value. Come visit us today!

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