4 Good Reasons to Get a Loan from a Pawn Shop

What are 4 reasons you may need a pawn loan?

Life comes at you sometimes quicker than you can anticipate! Such things like bills being a constant burden, and/or random emergencies can be a real hassle. Let’s look into reasons you may need a pawn loan.

Pet problems

Most of us have a hairy little companion, usually a dog or a cat. Sadly every once in a while we have they’ll run into some serious mischief. Dogs running into the street, and cutting themselves on the way out, or your cat catching a virus. These are some of the common pet emergencies that happen all the time. and they aren’t cheap to deal with either. Pet medical bills can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Most people don’t have savings that can cover the charge of these emergencies. That’s where pawn shops come in, you can get loans under $100 and into the thousands. Perfect for paying a quick emergency bill.

House emergencies

Pets aren’t the only thing that can cost money you don’t have, house owner or renter, we all experience random damages to our homes. Neighborhood hoodlums throwing rocks at your window, plumber bills for that broken shower head, flood damage and even fire damage can unexpectedly make your relaxing home a stressful nightmare. Now, these problems may not all be extremely common but knowing what to do in case of an emergency puts you ahead of the game and can lower your future stress. Another reasons you may need a pawn loan for that small loan you may need on the spot.

Behind on Bills?

This happens to us at least one time in our life where we have a bill due before you get your check. You have the money, but not for a week after the bill is due. You don’t wanna ruin your credit or risk having the power shut off. Find an item in your house that has value, pawn it just until you get your paycheck. Many pawn shops will even give you 30 days of no interest on your loan.

No credit needed

Whether you have a surprise emergency or just want to splurge pawn shops can be one of the easiest ways to get a loan. The other reasons you may need a pawn loan is that most banks will base the loan size they can give you based on your credit score. Most banks also have a minimum on how small a loan they can give you. When using a pawn shop there are no credit checks and most pawn shops can give you a loan under $100 for those emergency bills.