Top 5 Restaurants in Cleveland

Visit these top restaurants in Cleveland, especially after a long day shopping Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop!

5) Crust Pizza

Crust Pizza, the fifth of the top restaurants in Cleveland, is located on St Clair Ave at East 30th st. This business takes pride in their menu and caters to their customers. Everything is fresh, and they take the time to hand-make all their pizza dough, bread and gnocchi. The staff is very friendly and food is quickly served. Crust and Slyman’s Restaurant are both within a couple of blocks of Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop.

View their menu: Here

4) Becky’s Bar & Grill

Becky’s is a local’s restaurant/bar, come in as you are and stop by for a Cavaliers game. The most popular items here are the Italian sausage sandwich and the fish dinner. Most come in for the welcoming sprit and the good times. Becky’s Bar & Grill is about .8 miles from Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop, on E 18th St between Chester Ave and Payne Ave.

View their menu: Here

3) Bin 216

This restaurant mainly functions as a bar. Bin 216 is a good place for a classy dinner or lunch. This place is located right next to the Ohio theater and has beautiful interior decorations. Bin 216 is one mile away from Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop on Euclid Avenue.  Come in and enjoy some delicious pasta with some fine wine, or try something new like their tasty lobster nachos.

View their menu: Here

2) Lola Bistro

Lola Bistro is one of the best fine dining spots in the Cleveland area! Here the food looks as beautiful as the restaurant itself. With its open patio section in the restaurant, you can have a great inside view of the city. This is the perfect place for a romantic dinner with a special someone. Lola Bistro is located 1.7 miles away from Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop!

View their menu: Here

1) Slyman’s Restaurant

Last but not least, this restaurant is a Cleveland favorite! Slyman’s is number one of the top five restaurants in Cleveland! Come in and try one of their famous corn beef sandwiches. Slyman’s is an easy place to find! Just follow the red brick wall! (Haha, punny) The inside of the restaurant is slightly retro, but the food is grade A delicious! This is the perfect spot for a bite in Cleveland. Be sure to check it out! Slyman’s Restaurant is down the street from Uncle Ben’s Pawnshop on St Clair Ave. and E 31st Street.

View their menu: Here