5 dog friendly restaurants in Cleveland

Hitting the town is always fun with your friends! Don’t forget about your furry friends at home! Let’s take a look at five dog friendly restaurants in Cleveland.

Credit: New Times Broward-Palm Beach

Edison’s Pizza

Edison’s Pizza is in in the Tremont section of town close to the 90 Freeway. It it is off of Fairfield Ave to Professor Ave. This place seriously is tiny! You can build your own pizza, along with other specials! This restaurant is very casual and has great pizza. It is one of the most dog friendly restaurants in Cleveland.

Scotti’s Italian Eatery

Scotti’s Italian Eatery is a small Italian restaurant has a beautiful garden on its patio. You can get some hand made pizza here for a reasonably good price. The staff is very welcoming to dogs and can often find you a seat away from the crowd if your dog doesn’t do well with people.

Flying Monkey

If you like craft beer this is the place for you. The flying monkey has a large assortment of craft beer on tap. Almost every week a new beer is added to try. The Flying Monkey is a fun place to bring your dog! You can enjoy a little night life and have pup playing wing man for you. Give it a try sometime its worth the stop.

Fat Cats

If you like that small mom and pop kind of restaurant, Fat Cats is for you. Fat Cats is a small restaurant on W 10th St. They sell things like hummus, mac, and cheese, and fried chicken, the best part is they have a small menu for dogs. Bringing your dog here is nothing new to the staff, you will probably be one of many dog spoilers in the restaurant. This is a perfect place to meet other dog lovers who maybe know of other cool dog-friendly spots.

Jonny’s Downtown

Jonny’s Downtown is a classy Italian restaurant in downtown Cleveland.  The staff is very welcoming and will actually hand out dog treats to your pup. The restaurant itself is very dog-friendly, every day they leave a bowl of water outside for local dogs needing a drink. The food here is amazing, with its fresh garden salads and pasta. The vibe of this place makes for a great dining experience.