5 Summer Jewelry Must Haves


It is warming up outside and summer is officially upon us all! There is nothing better than being able to wear your favorite shorts and flip flops again! But, you need a little something to spice up last year’s outfit. We’ve got the trick! Add a few accessories to make older outfits feel fresh again. Here are this summer’s top 5 summer jewelry must have trends we have seen online.

Turquoise everything!

Whether it’s a ring, earring, necklace or bracelet, adding a pop of turquoise to your outfit can take you from drab to fab.


Crystals & Colored Stones.

If you have been on #Instagram recently, you have seen the craze that has been happening with colored stones and crystals. Whether people are wearing them or just staring at them, everyone seems to be on board this train.


Stackable Rings

This summer, you will see many people with more rings than fingers as stackable rings are a total ‘must have’ this summer.


Gold Hoops


From extra large to small or any size in between, gold hoops are happening all summer long. Whether you’re heading to a meeting or the beach, gold hoops just go with everything. Try combining trends! Turquoise and gold are always a winning summer combination.

  • Make a statement. Whether you are using one of the trends above or creating a trend of your own, every fashion magazine and beauty blogger will agree that being you and being proud of it is the best accessory you can have this summer, or anytime for that matter. Your accessories are a mere reflection of your internal sparkle.



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