Creative Way to Organize your Jewelry

Say goodbye to jewelry boxes and hello to personalized jewelry stands. Why keep your precious metals stored away in a box when you can display them on fun decor to spice up your room? The best thing about this method is the freedom of creativity. Express your personality through various sculptures and wall decor which serves as both decorations and accessory organizers. There are so many fun displays for sale to fit your style and if you’re a hands on type of gal, there’s a variety of easy DIY’s online. Here’s a few tips on how to add personality to your home and organize your jewelry:


  1. Revamp and reorganize.

    First things first, you need to clean out your jewelry box and start from scratch. We all know there are probably some items you haven’t used in a while. This is the time to decide what you keep and what you get rid of. If you decide to get rid of some of your jewelry, you can sell or get a loan on your jewelry at Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop!

  2. Count your Collection.

    Before you go out and buy anything, you should know how many items you are working with. This way, you have a a better understanding of what you actually have and then you can count and categorize your pieces by watches, necklaces, rings, and any other treasures in between.

  3. Find the best location.

    Now it’s time to find a space for your collection to be displayed, the top of a dresser works perfectly! Make sure it’s a place that’s easily accessible and free of clutter, this space should also be large enough to fit the collection you wish to display. If you think your collection is too big, pick your favorite items that you use frequently to put on show.

  4. Get creative.

    It’s finally time to go shopping or bust out some DIY’s! Make sure you know what style is perfect for you.

    • You can buy inserts and trays to separate necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. By placing these inserts in a drawer you will avoid excess clutter and chain tangling. Remember to keep in mind how big your collection is and to make sure you don’t purchase too much.
    • Less is more. Therefore, buy decor that is clear, white or just one color. You want your jewelry to be the main attraction, by having simple color schemes your jewels will shine bright and bold.
    • You can also find some DIY’s by going online or searching my favorite app, Pinterest, for easy projects. Some of my favorite DIY’s will be listed at the end of this blog.
  5. Set up and organize.

    It’s time to put your collection on display. Feel free to try a few different combinations to get your creativity flowing. Whats great about your new decorative displays is you can easily access your jewels! Accessorizing is the easiest way to jazz up your outfit


If you wish to add to your collection,  be sure to visit us at Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop for a selection of timeless pieces at affordable prices!

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