Millennials and Pawn Shops. Are they more related than you think?

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Millennials and Pawn shops. How are they related? When you think of a pawnshop, you probably do not think millennials. So are these two topics related? Let's start by defining "millennial". Who are Millennials? “Millennials” are the generation born between the early 1980’s to the late 1990’s. This particular age group has started showing more [...]

Get the Most out of Your Spring Cleaning

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As Easter ends and May is about to begin, many people get inspired to do some spring cleaning before the summer begins. Historically, the origins of spring cleaning come from the tradition of Persian New Year. The Persian new year falls in the spring and therefore many people would “shake the house”, or do a [...]

Is Waiting On Your Tax Return Causing You Financial Destress

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Pawn Until Tax Return Although Tax Return Day isn’t too far away, many will find themselves struggling to make the rent from the time they turn in their taxes in February until they see their returns in April. Taxes have the ability to hurt families financially, which often leads to emotional turmoil as well. [...]