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How to Value and Sell Your Antique or Vintage Collectibles

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How to Value and Sell Your Antique or Vintage Collectibles How to Value and Sell Your Antique or Vintage Collectibles Selling your antiques and vintage collections doesn't need to be complicated. Here's a quick guide on how to value and sell these items. Keyword(s): Vintage Collectibles Did you know that collecting antiques became popular back in [...]

Why You Can’t Always Trust Negative Reviews

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Reviews You can find an online review on just about any product or service. They have become a part of the decision making process. According to the Pew Research Center, 82 percent of Americans admit they sometimes or always read online reviews. They do this before deciding to make the purchase. Reason being, people believe [...]

Top 5 Dog Friendly Restaurants in Cleveland

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5 dog friendly restaurants in Cleveland Hitting the town is always fun with your friends! Don't forget about your furry friends at home! Let's take a look at five dog friendly restaurants in Cleveland. Credit: New Times Broward-Palm Beach Edison’s Pizza Edison's Pizza is in in the Tremont section of town close to [...]

Top Restaurants in Cleveland

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Top 5 Restaurants in Cleveland Visit these top restaurants in Cleveland, especially after a long day shopping Uncle Ben's Pawn Shop! 5) Crust Pizza Crust Pizza, the fifth of the top restaurants in Cleveland, is located on St Clair Ave at East 30th st. This business takes pride in their menu and caters to their [...]

Buying Instruments at Pawn Shops

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Why you should buy used instruments from Pawn Shops? Do you have any musical talent? Do you want to learn to have musical talent? Well, either way, you are going to need an instrument. Experienced musicians know for good instrument you want the top of the line brand, or at least something close. In most [...]

What is your Jewelry Worth?

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What is a Jewelry Appraisal?  A jewelry appraisal is basically documentation on how much a piece of jewelry is worth. In order to obtain this, you must go to a professional appraiser who has been trained and certified. In some cases, appraisal services are charged by the hour. However, there are pawnshops that offer free [...]

Doing the Right Thing in a Broken Engagement

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Doing the Right Thing in a Broken Engagement Sometimes, life happens. Engagements break off. People part ways. Calling off a wedding is filled with more than just sorrow, hurt and confusion. Besides the emotional distress and probable heartbreak, both parties are left with questions... including the ever controversial question, “who keeps the ring?” We wish [...]