What is a Jewelry Appraisal? 

A jewelry appraisal is basically documentation on how much a piece of jewelry is worth. In order to obtain this, you must go to a professional appraiser who has been trained and certified. In some cases, appraisal services are charged by the hour. However, there are pawnshops that offer free appraisals. At Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop, all appraisals are offered for free with no obligation to sell.

How Jewelry is Appraised

To arrive at a specific value for your jewelry, an appraisal will take a look at the condition of your piece. The better condition it’s in, the more it will be worth. They will also take a look at the gemstones, their characteristics, and the metals and settings which they are made. These are just some of the criteria used to appraise your item. There are several other things thatch affect the quality of the piece. The appraisals can differ since each item can have different characteristics, stones, and metals that have been used. After they have examined your item, they will estimate the value of the piece and document it. Then, they will give you a detailed description of what was examined during the appraisal. At this point you may choose to keep your item or sell it at its value.

What are appraisals used for?

Appraisals are used to verify the value of a piece. Maybe your great grandmother passed down a ring to you, and you don’t know how much its worth? Wanting your jewels insured is another reason. In order to cover each item you must know the value of them. That way, if your jewelry is stolen a detailed description is available for you valuable items.

Should I Get My Jewelry Appraised?

There is always a possibility that your piece is not worth what you expected. That is why we recommend you get your jewelry appraised for free. Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop is the place to go when you are in need of appraisal. We have certified professionals that will work with you to ensure that you get maximum value on all of your treasures.