Congratulations Lou!

Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop is proud that our very own Lou Tansky was awarded this year’s National Pawnbroker’s Association Pawnbroker of the Year award!

According to Keller, “The NPA Pawnbroker of the Year Award is presented annually to an NPA member who, through his or her performance, has demonstrated exceptional success in their business and local community and has made a significant contribution to the pawn industry during the previous

A Bit More About Lou Tansky

As you probably already know, Lou is the owner of our store in Cleveland Ohio and served as the president of the Ohio Pawn Brokers Association for 14 years. Lou has helped the Ohio & National associations continue to grow year after year. At one time or another, Lou has been involved with almost every aspect of the National Pawn Broker’s Association. Additionally, he has worked with local, state and national government organizations to help the future of pawn shops.

Lou’s efforts created a bridge between the small independent pawn shops and larger,
chain pawn shops. He was integral in incorporating key legislation for all pawn brokers in the state of Ohio. Lou has spent time creating educational courses for other pawn shops in addition to keeping good
relations with law enforcement and press to bring a positive light to the pawning community.

Lou and the rest of us here at Uncle Ben’s are committed helping our community. So come by Uncle Ben’s! Here, you’re one of the family!

Keller, TXc. “National Pawnbrokers Association Names Lou Tansky Pawnbroker of the Year.”, 17 July 2017. Accessed 25 July 2017.