What Makes a Rolex a Rolex?

By Emilee Adamson- Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop


“With Rolex, I sought to create a name that would be easy to pronounce in all the European languages and that could easily and elegantly grace the dial of a watch,”

-Hans Wilsdorf, Founder of Rolex.


When talking about luxury watches, the first brand that comes to mind for many individuals is “Rolex”; but how did Rolex as a brand gain recognition as one of the most prestigious brands on earth? Although there are many other watches that are in the same price range as Rolex, Rolex sets the industry standard luxury watches everywhere. Rolex has always upheld a commitment to quality and it shows.


When Rolex was initially found in 1905, Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf named the company Wilsdorf and Davis. The term “Rolex” was then trademarked to W&D in 1908; the company was not renamed “Rolex” until November of 1915. As a brand, Rolex is known for quality, innovative and luxurious timepieces. In 1926, Rolex produced the first ever waterproof, luxury wristwatch called the “Oyster”. Ever since that time, Rolex has been ahead of the curve in producing innovation within the watch industry.


Aside from developing new technologies, Rolex has always exemplified a commitment to the highest quality of materials used to create their watches. It has always been apart of Rolex’s model to build watches that can stand the test of time. By using materials such as 904L steel and a cerachrom bezel, Rolex’s signature pieces are all designed to ensure both “lasting beauty and functionality”. Each Rolex is assembled by hand for guaranteed perfection and takes just about a year to produce.


Due to the Rolex commitment to excellence, Rolex has become the watch of choice for the past 100 years, gracing the wrists of everyone from the Dalai Lama to President Roosevelt and even to gangsters, like Fidel Castro. It is very rare for a brand appeal to such a broad spectrum of individuals, which leaves us asking, do I too need a Rolex? You may not need a Rolex for survival, but it is definitely worth considering a Rolex as a diversified form of investment. Apart from being a functional watch, a Rolex is a collectable that will hold its value (if properly cared for) over time. Often times, people think they need to buy their Rolex’s directly from Rolex but a great alternative is to get a used luxury watch. As long as the watch has been properly inspected ensuring all the proper parts and has a unique Rolex verified serial number and paperwork, getting a Rolex at a pawn shop or other jewelry reseller is a great option.


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