Question: What are your shop hours?

Answer: We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:15 pm. We are open Most Saturdays from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm, Although occasionally we do close on Saturday. Please call prior to coming down for Saturday hours. Closed most major holidays.

Question: How much does the loan cost?

Answer: the Ohio Department of Commerce, and Division of Financial Institutions regulate all rates and fees charged by pawn shops.

Question: What are the loan rates?

Answer: All rates and fees are strictly regulated by the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Financial Institutions. The rates for a pawn loan are 5% per month or any part of a month plus a $4 storage fee per month.

Question: Can I pawn more than one item?

Answer: There is no limit to the items or transactions you can have at one time.

Question: Is Uncle Ben’s state licensed?

Answer: Pawn shops in the State of Ohio are strictly regulated by State, City, County, and Federal regulatory agencies.  Pawn Brokers have state, regional and national industry associations which work diligently toward self-policing the industry.  In the case of public companies, the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission can be added to all of the other agencies that oversee the industry.

Question: Can I get prices over the phone?

Answer: Due to many variations and condition of items, specific prices can only be obtained in person, however we encourage you to contact us.  Frequently we are able to offer a “ballpark” price on your item. 
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