Canton, Ohio is about an hour's drive from Uncle Ben's Pawn Shop. If you need to borrow money, get a cash pawn loan, sell an item such as gold or jewelry or want to shop for bargains, visit the best pawn shop in Ohio. We are located at 2600 St. Clair Avenue in downtown, Cleveland, Ohio.

Please feel free to call us at 216-325-5626 to talk with us before driving an hour north on Interstate 77 (I-77) to visit our store. Our customers from Canton, Massillon, Alliance, North Canton, Louisville, Canal Fulton and other cities in Stark County, Ohio consider the short drive to our store to be well worth the time and gas money. We offer top dollar loans and rock bottom prices.

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Although there are a number of pawn shops and pawnbrokers in Canton, Ohio and Stark County, many of our customers have told us that they drive from Canton, Ohio to Uncle Ben's Pawn Shop because of our friendliness and high level of customer service. Many of our customers from Stark County visit us frequently to get a cash pawn loan, sell their gold jewelry, or to get a fantastic deal on pre-owned or used items.

There are a number of oustanding pawn shops in and around Canton, Ohio but we consider Uncle Ben's Pawn Shop to be a good alternative for customers that want top dollar loans and rock bottom prices. In many instances, it is certainly worth the drive from Canton to Cleveland.

Some of our customers that have visited pawnshops in Canton, Ohio mention that these stores don't have the oustanding variety of computers, collectibles, gold and silver jewelry, musical instruments, guitars, pre-owned saws, drills, generators and other tools that Uncle Ben's has available in our 3,000 square foot showroom in downtown, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Some of our new customers have told us that they have never been to a pawn shop before they came to our store. If you have questions because you have never borrowed money from a pawnshop or shopped for great prices at a pawnshop, please don't hesitate to call our store at 216-325-2600 for more information about our shop, the items we have in inventory for sale or to learn more about how pawnshops work.

Our business has been in operation for over 60 years and is family owned. We have regular customers from Canton and Stark County, Ohio that have been borrowing money and getting cash pawn loans from Uncle Ben's Pawn Shop for decades.  We have been buying extra and unwanted gold, silver, and platinum jewelry for years from people that travel to our store from cities, townships, villages, and communities in Stark County.

We are considered the oldest and largest full line pawnbroker and full service professional pawnshop in Cleveland, Ohio. We are always pleased when new and regular customers take the time to drive up to our store from Canton and surrounding areas to visit our store. Because the Pro Football Hall of Fame is located in Canton, Ohio, we often have football fans from Canton sell us valuable football collectibles and Cleveland Browns memorabilia.

Folks from Canton, Ohio neighborhoods that do business with Uncle Ben's Pawn Shop often take the time to drive an hour north because we offer them an extremely convenient, very confidential and quick method for them to sell their valuable items or to borrow money and receive a cash loan.

We are happy to lend you money on items of value ranging from laptop computers, electric generators, antiques, estate jewelry, gold coins, stereo systems, home audio and video, pre-owned wedding rings, tools, video game systems, diamond and gold jewelry, electronics, cameras, collectibles, musical instruments, and more.

If you are thinking about driving from Canton or a Stark County community to get cash by selling your electronics, musical instruments, gold or silver coins, a diamond ring, tools, jewelry, silver rings, gold wedding bands, collectibles, antiques, gold chains, gold bracelets or gold necklaces to Uncle Ben's Pawn Shop, call us at 216-325-5626 for more information.

We are licensed by the Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Financial Institutions to purchase gold, silver, platinum, or other precious metals or jewels.

You can get more information about selling your gold by reviewing "What to know before you sell gold" published by Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Financial Institutions by clicking here to read the PDF.

You will usually save 25% to 75% off comparable mall or big box store prices when you shop at Uncle Ben's Pawn Shop for rings, wedding bands, watches, computers, jewelry, tools, electronics, musical instruments and collectibles. We offer a wide variety of used, second-hand, reconditioned and pre-owned computers, cameras, stereos, video game systems, hand tools, violins, saxophones, video game systems, saws, drills, generators, televisions,  and guitars at rock bottom prices. Visit our store in downtown, Cleveland to peruse our wide selection of vintage, antique and estate jewelry including silver necklaces, gold wedding rings, bridal sets, wedding bands, mens and ladies diamond rings, and neck chains.

If you are from Canton, Ohio or a nearby town in Stark County, please feel free to call us at 216-325-5626 during business hours for more information before driving to Uncle Ben's Pawn Shop. We are open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:15 PM.

We hope to hear from you or see you soon!

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